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how it feels like to be an empty blister packet ?

by Cassie M Flint  x  Poojan Gupta

Voices of packet #1

nothing more to say

white emptiness- no firing

your invitation


yes, sure, that’s my word

maligned I am, and hated

I will outlive you


it’s like Sisyphus

only ever moving up

never pulling down


franked or branded mine

inked into my very skin

my name is now lost


guard me from the sword

wrap me from the burning heart

be my counterpart


watch pass key swear first

their etymology speaks

through our language now


shoals of herring swim

mercury is moving me

I’m Argentina

Ruminations from blister pack #1

Lying in their birth canals

Or coffins, their event horizon,

My small soldiers wait always

Static, encased, passive entirely

For the human nail, finger

Or knife to extract them

From their sterile vacuum.


I, too, can only wait

Shedding my silent load

Over hours, days, weeks

Or never.


Unlike them, I keep my shape.

Like a pirate chest, its treasure gone

I am open, exposed, dented, used.

I heard, along the line

That I’ll be dumped, become detritus,

Reborn maybe, burned or blown away.

Just like a broken terracotta crock

Displayed behind glass from Sumerian days

I have been a vessel made by man

And will outlive my maker,

Perhaps be mounted on a plinth

Stared at by wide-eyed children

Whose skin is translucent

And whose brains are not their own.

Pages from notebook

Through a serendipitous meeting with Cassie in Newcastle in Nov 2023, a path has been created. Our conversations now extends into working together on a hybrid collaboration with blister packs. This ongoing experimental project 'wording' focuses on giving a voice to these packets, how it feels like to be an empty blister packet?

About Cassie M Flint

Cassie has been a teacher of English for virtually all of her long working life. Her own passion lies in poetry and in the creation of it. Throughout the pandemic she ran a ‘Wild Writing Workshop’ on YouTube which she admits gave her the words to write her way through the isolation.  Essentially perhaps a rather cerebral person, she finds such power in the written word and a fascination in the ways that we as people communicate. This now extends to the ways in which we communicate with non-humans such as landscapes, fossils, paintings, flowers, buildings, and so much more. The entirely manufactured products (blister packs), the impact they have, the stories they can tell and the creative process Cassie and Poojan inspire and are part of, are now one of her current exciting writing ventures.

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