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Chai sessions are always engaging, but what interests me more is the play that goes around in the time. The play of paper cups and human hands. This play either last for seconds or can go a long way. The resulting deformed paper cups implanted with a distinct character traces the play. Each time I step to throw in a dustbin, it unfolds a new play before me. I am intrigued by the collection of de-formed paper cups in the dustbins placed at tea corners.


13 x 11.5 inch, Used paper cups
Exhibited at '45', Santiniketan, India, 2021

It seems to be quite interesting to assemble these deformed cups as a fragment from a never-ending process. So, I collected usedpaper cups from a tea corner named '45' in Santiniketan. I took a mould of the original dustbin and cast it with those cups. Then, I substituted this created dustbin with the initial dustbin at tea corner ‘45’. Work activates the space in which it is placed by introducing anelement out of the ordinary. Work unfolds the familiar in an unfamiliar way and captures the viewer’s attention encouraging them tocontinue their past conversations with the paper cups, memory and space. 

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