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To me, the studio wall seems like a canvas space that repetitively adores with the frames of new thoughts, new moods, new experiences. This time it’s not about adding something new to canvas space but to the forefront of the backstories, which might get overlooked. With the stories, I meant the stories of masking tape, composed by the play of hand and tapes. I am interested in observingthe involuntary changes to tape when collected in hand, which now changes to a new deformed form.

Inital Stage 



Masking tape, 11 x 12 x 10.5 ft (room size)
Exhibited at my studio in Santiniketan, India, 2021

I have a long back interaction with the masking tape where my fellow artist friends and I regularly use tape to paste papers, canvases on different surfaces (such as walls, plyboard and others), to cover artworks, materials and more with a recurring notion of pasting and removing. Once the tape fulfills its functional role, the concern shifts to the outcome. I want to shift the concern back to continue the past conversations. Here, the work unfolds the reminiscence of studio walls. It displays tape marks, and the left-over tapes now is crushed and deformed structures on the walls of my studio. Putting together an environment that can be stepped into rather than an object to be viewed from a distance. Work is integrated with the flows of everyday life.


The work alters the scale relationship of the object (tape) and the viewers. There exists an air of absent presence of past happenings within the space, creating a void of presence. When a viewer steps into the space, it is between this absent presence and his presence, aconversation begins. The surprise is in the realization of relevance and the further associations that these realizations bring to mind.While seeing an entity, we re-activate our previous experiences with the same. Hence, the viewer's past experiences negotiate their path of understanding of the work context and influence their experiences. ‘I want viewers to intake my work from their way of looking ratherthan my way of looking, although it is a reflection of my way of looking.

Final Stage 


Viewers' interpretation

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