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Poojan Gupta 

Poojan (b. 1998, India) is an artist and a practice-based researcher based in London. The question she continually responds to as a contemporary artist is how the ordinary can be transformed into something special. On the one hand, she is interested in how everyday human actions can, through ritual, appear to be transcendent and divine, and on the other hand, how trash materials can take on an aesthetic value through the processes of contemporary art. Her practice travels between installation, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and painting. She works with throwaway pharmaceutical empty blister packs. Growing up in India has made her acutely aware of when handled meaningfully, these disposable packets take on a significance of their own. There are aesthetic and ethical qualities that exceed ordinary functions and human control. The punctured and buckled surfaces of blister packs have become her primary mode of sculptural expression, and it is the implied sensation of touch that motivates everything she does.

Just as a musician thinks in sounds and rhythms, she thinks in visual language. This is where 'visuals' comes to play a significant role for her. Consequently, since 2019 she has been exploring ways of making the empty packs feel aesthetically ‘strange’. She strives to make her studio experiments visually striking in public settings. These pharmaceutical blister packs were meant to be landfill. Now they are art. She finds herself responding to this environmental emergency as an artist who engages consciously with the quantity of medical waste we produce every day. Ultimately, she sees her practice as a demand for a change in sensibility.

Currently, she is affiliated as a Member of Royal Society of Sculptors (MRSS) and as an 'Associate Artist: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies', Oxford, United Kingdom.



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