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We eat. We eat daily.

Eating is an inevitable aspect of everyday life, where we indulge in the process of FILL - FINISH. To me, the word ‘finish’ comes along with a new start. Once the eating gets finished, it is when the plate starts to converse with me. The contact movement of fingers on the plate gradually develops a pattern on the dish's surface. These patterns seem to me as temporary drawings, each time embeddedwith new relationships, new dialogues with the process, time and space. 


Digital (photograph and video work), 2021

The work shows the one-month documentation of the repetitive process, unfolding the FINISH of 31 days of May 2021 of my plate and my friend’s plate. I want to bring together the very common but in a different way. The work reflects upon every day and encourages usto take a step back and look at it differently.


Exhibited at Santiniketan Society of Visual Arts & Design, 2021

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